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Holiday Preperation

I have to go to Sydney for a suit fitting in preperation for a couple of weddings later on this year so insted of making several 6 hour trips back and forth in between fittings and adjustments I decided to go for a holiday for the two to three weeks and stay with relations for that time.

I’ll be taking a hand held dual band 2M/70CM radio with me for the trip. Chances are good for my being able to access the VK2RLD repeater with my hand held but even if they are not I’ll have easy access to components in the area to home brew a 2M antenna. All that is neeed to build antenas after all is a Jaycar and a Bunnings and some time to experiment. Heck I’ll probably build a couple of antennas while down just for that reason.

On another front I am seriously considering setting up a public Tekkit modde Minecraft server. I’ll be doing that on a spare computer that I will be setting up so that I can have remote access to my network here at home. Biggest problem with such a server is a lack of players. I don’t want to set it up if it won’t get used but I if I don’t set it up then I won’t know if it isnt being used. I could set it up on but that comes with another limitation which is RAM. 100/100mbit is useless if you only have 2GB of ram after all. But antlair will probably hold the server until I decide what to do properly. Besides it isn’t my home connection so won’t go down if things fail and I am not around to fix it.

Well it is late and I am rambeling a bit so I’m signing off now. Bye

Software Defined Radio

Ive been experimenting with using a software defined radio receiver while waiting to receive my ametaure radio license. I have been using an RTL2832U based USB tv tuner dongle with SDR Sharp (SDR#)

My current antenna setup is not the best but I plan on fixing that soon. I intend on getting a discone antenna for my scanner and the SDR receiver due to it’s wide bandwidth and omnidirectional nature. But even with my current setup of the main TV antenna I am getting great results at least of high power stuff like broadcast FM

Took me a couple of days worth of fiddling to get SDR-Sharp to work with my dongle but once I got it the setup works great.I tried HDSDR but have been unable to get my card to work with it. But I will figure it out

I am now trying to figure out the windows port of Digital Signal Decoder (DSD) to experiment with receiving digital signals such as P25 but thats on the back burner a bit. I also intend on playing around with GNU Radio when I finally install Linux onto my laptop again. Got the partition all ready and waiting.

SDR Sharp

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