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Minecraft Hardcore Survival Season 2

I have started season 2 of my minecraft Hardcore survival series. This season features a normal standard randomly generated map insted of the survival island style seed of the first map.

This map is a lot better in some ways as it starts out hard although it does get easier as play progresses. This map also features more things that can be a trap for the unweary like myself so it will be interesting to see how this season goes compared to the first season.

So far I have set myself a few basic challenges. The first is to build a lookout tower on top of the mountain which contains my home. My second challenge is to build an underwater farm. My third challenge is to get to the nether and build a blaze farm. And my fourth challenge if I get that far is to kill the enderdragon.

Watch Season 2 here:

Series 1 Of My Hardcore Minecraft Series Is Finished

Just a quick post to let you all know that season 1 of my Hardcore survival island series in Minecraft is now finished. It was fun while it lasted but now it is over due to a supprise attack by a creeper.

Watch the entire series using this playlist

Watch the final episode here:


I am already planning a season two for the series. I will start with a randomly generated world and go from there. Hopefully there wont be any creeper ambushes this time.

New Minecraft Series And Arduino Stuff

I know I’m late to the game but I decided to start a new hardcore Minecraft video series for fun. I’m in it to get experience with video editing and voice acting which I defiantly need as my voice is suited to the era of silent movies.

I found a seed for a survival island style map with a zombie dungeon right under the surface. I have set myself a few basic goals to start with, a zombie based exp farm. An artificial island, a decent house, a tree farm and a wheat farm and to try and find the mainland.


My first episode:

I also do streams of other games I have from time to time depending on what strikes my interest at the time. The one other game I have done a livestream of is Hord.


On Other news I have made an Internet enabled temprature and humidity sensor using an arduino. You can view it on Cosm here: I did nearly complete a time-lapse controller using an Arduino but lost all the code on a HDD crash on my laptop. I am also working on a lightning based trigger for my DSLR. I will be setting up some kind of syncing system with my new NAS to ensure that this does not happen again.

In other news I have a laser cutting and engraving machine as I am starting a laser engraving business. This will come in handy with some of my projects since I get to laser cut and engrave front panels for my projects myself on my own machine. If anyone is interested in such services feel free to get in contact.