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3D Printer Pt1

I recently ordered a 3D Printer from 3D Print Czar ( and decided to share my experiences with the printer. Besides I need to get more content on this blog of mine that I keep forgetting about.

I ordered on the 30th of July they posted it on the 4th of August and I got it on the 6th of August. Not bad from China to Regional NSW. 3D Print Czar say that they sent it via Hong Kong Post on their website but gave me a TNT tracking number and it was delivered by the local TNT rep. Little bit long on the processing time but very quick with shipping.

So far I have just unboxed the printer and took photos of the various components of the printer and I am impressed with the quality of the packaging and the components. The plastic parts look as if they have been 3D printed yet still have high quality.

I have things to do tonight so I can’t start the build today but I have set aside a few hours tomorrow to work on the printer. I have also picked up a 1KG roll of glow in the dark PLA off Ebay to use with the printer.