Raspberry Pi

I received my Raspberry Pi on Friday and have been playing around with it. The device is awesome I have never had such a powerful device at my fingertips for embedding. I was originally going to wait for the Arduino Due but now I am going to get a couple of adapters made up to buffer my Raspberry Pi’s IO ports to use with prototyping. A 700MHZ ARM CPU with linux support is a lot better then a 90MHZ ARM cpu like on the Due.

The IO options on the Raspberry Pi are awsome. I2C and SPI on such a powerful board are great. The only problem I have so far is hte lack of hardware UART ports but there are USB ports available so that could be fixed with a USB hub and some FTDI chips or even a USB compatible atmega such as the newer arduino boards.

I’d build my lightning trigger on the Pi if I had a fast analog to digital converter but for now it and the inervalometer will remain on an arduino board because it doesnt need all the features or speed of a Pi.

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