Software Defined Radio

Ive been experimenting with using a software defined radio receiver while waiting to receive my ametaure radio license. I have been using an RTL2832U based USB tv tuner dongle with SDR Sharp (SDR#)

My current antenna setup is not the best but I plan on fixing that soon. I intend on getting a discone antenna for my scanner and the SDR receiver due to it’s wide bandwidth and omnidirectional nature. But even with my current setup of the main TV antenna I am getting great results at least of high power stuff like broadcast FM

Took me a couple of days worth of fiddling to get SDR-Sharp to work with my dongle but once I got it the setup works great.I tried HDSDR but have been unable to get my card to work with it. But I will figure it out

I am now trying to figure out the windows port of Digital Signal Decoder (DSD) to experiment with receiving digital signals such as P25 but thats on the back burner a bit. I also intend on playing around with GNU Radio when I finally install Linux onto my laptop again. Got the partition all ready and waiting.

SDR Sharp

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