New Minecraft Series And Arduino Stuff

I know I’m late to the game but I decided to start a new hardcore Minecraft video series for fun. I’m in it to get experience with video editing and voice acting which I defiantly need as my voice is suited to the era of silent movies.

I found a seed for a survival island style map with a zombie dungeon right under the surface. I have set myself a few basic goals to start with, a zombie based exp farm. An artificial island, a decent house, a tree farm and a wheat farm and to try and find the mainland.


My first episode:

I also do streams of other games I have from time to time depending on what strikes my interest at the time. The one other game I have done a livestream of is Hord.


On Other news I have made an Internet enabled temprature and humidity sensor using an arduino. You can view it on Cosm here: I did nearly complete a time-lapse controller using an Arduino but lost all the code on a HDD crash on my laptop. I am also working on a lightning based trigger for my DSLR. I will be setting up some kind of syncing system with my new NAS to ensure that this does not happen again.

In other news I have a laser cutting and engraving machine as I am starting a laser engraving business. This will come in handy with some of my projects since I get to laser cut and engrave front panels for my projects myself on my own machine. If anyone is interested in such services feel free to get in contact.

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